Michelle Lehn

Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master

I graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefre School of Massage in Oct. of 2004. I received my Certification of Reiki Master in 2009.

I believe that we are all energy and with changing our energy thru the practice of massage and energy work we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our lives. I absolutely Love doing what I do and when you Love something, everything else just falls into place.

I pride myself in being professional and caring for the needs of the clients that choose to see me. Everyone has the power to choose who they will share their Energy with and I do not take that for granted.

Jamie McLaughlin


Jamie has been doing massage for over 10 years. She moved into Living tree in 2015 and has been growing her practice ever since! She has added cupping, CBD, Hypnosis and NLP. She has experience working in a Chiropractic Office and also can incorporate essential oils into your massage.

If you have any questions please email her at jamiem2@hotmail.com

Michael Malherek

After decades of working in the corporate world of luxury retail and interior design, Michael’s life experience and conscious journey led him to create Constitutional Wellness 11:11. (CW 11:11) His platform is designed to assist those that long to recover, restore and release that which no longer serves them. The CW 11:11 platform embodies the approach to simple and mindful wellness for our minds, bodies, living environments, and the energetic layer of our existence. All services and consultations offered are a combined practice of advanced light energy and healing modalities, ancient studies and practices, and science. His knowledge of energy allows him to share the spiritual and scientific aspects of his practice and the natural process which brings balance and alignment to every area of our lives.

His training, certifications, continued education and constant research allows him to assist anyone to experience their highest purpose, increase abundance and prosperity. Michael has also infused Feng Shui into his interior and retail design consulting service that energetically re-aligns and balances any residential or commercial space. He does not leave our kiddos out of this wellness adventure. The ‘elevated kids workshop series’ also offers mindful and empowering classes for your little ones. Simple tools are easily learned and can be very impactful.

Imagine the feeling of moving into unlimited possibilities of well-being, the mindfulness and healing that is easily accessible in all classes, workshops and/or one-on-one sessions. It is time to embrace your true and authentic path of self-discovery.

Constitutional Wellness 11:11 is created from the very thought that WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO WELLNESS. All of the educational material is available to be used by everyone.


I look forward to connecting with you. ~ Michael